North Express Freightline’s long haul services can go any number of miles and cross each Canada-U.S. bolder. The long mix vehicles (LCV) available with us are known to deliver energy efficient and sustainable transportation solutions to the clients. Long haul services are most appropriate for transporters that have time-delicate cargo requiring secure transportation.


Our drivers and market-centric client servicing agents are equipped with information on the areas they work in. We have extensive experience in intra-provisional services while having a strong presence in areas such as Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. This kind of services benefits transporters who frequently and consistently move cargo inside these areas.

Dry Van

The dry van services are essential when your shipment should be shielded from certain components but does not need a temperature-controlled condition. This service is beneficial for those transporting merchandise, for example, dry consumables, apparatuses, apparel, paper consumables, little hardware, and automobile parts.

Temperature Controlled

The fleet of refrigerated trailers by North Express Freightline can deal with your frozen and refrigerated cargo at the temperature you need. The best in class refrigerated trailers empower transporters to have single, double, or triple temperature controls inside one trailer. We offer the following services:

  • Refrigerated Multi-temp (frozen, ambient, and protect from freeze)
  • Trailer satellite tracking system permits helps you track and keep a close look at the of temperatures, area, and security
  • Our drivers are familiar with USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) clearance methods
  • The Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA) is definite and complex, and with our experience and training, we that your organization and shipment are agreeable with FSMA guidelines


Our huge fleet of drivers and scheduled transfers across the country, move your time-sensitive loads without any interruption and with proper safety between significant Canadian areas. The priority service offers additional staff who work nonstop to guarantee emergency courses of action are implemented at whatever point and any place they may be required. These services are ideal for those looking to get overnight deliveries, small packages, or parcel deliveries.


This service is profoundly recommended by the transporters that require a committed team which offers them uninterrupted and continuous service, thus working on their shipments dedicatedly. This transportation solution gives committed drivers and equipment without you expecting to contribute extra capital. It is ideal for transporters that move huge volumes of cargo on various occasions every day, for example, home improvement retailers,market chains, and huge dissemination places.

Less Than Truckload (LTL)

Our LTL truck loads service is ideal to small distance freight that is under 10,000 lb. or under 24 pallets. We offer LTL delivery and pick-up services that are clubbed with our line haul network among Eastern and Western Canada. North Express Freightline’s LTL service include warehousing solutions and customized continuous status of cargo through I-Tools.

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