Our intermodal service offers steadfast first-mile to last-mile transportation solutions in association with Canadian transportation network. This affordable service transports your goods with our shipping resources, bringing about the improved processes right from it is picked up to its delivery to the destination.

The advantage of this service is decreased fuel utilization and ozone-depleting substances that eventually raise your corporate social duty. You can use this service for the transportation of furniture, recyclable products, consumables, household items, and other things which are not time-sensitive in nature.

Domestic Canada

Joining the best in shipping with the best in road ensures that all our clients get satisfactory services. Our domestic intermodal service works across Canada and is the ideal combination to our Truckload division since it uses more financially savvy road transportation for all, or parts, of your business. Our solid associations with the suppliers of road services throughout Canada permit us to offer more customary courses and especially high-quality of services.

As for the intermodal transportation services in Canada, North Express Freightline gives a triumphant mix of affordable, eco-friendly, and unwavering quality. Some of these include:

  • 53-ft.-long high cube
  • Daily service between Eastern and Western Canada
  • Dry and heated Van equipment
  • 20-ft. and 40-ft. ocean Dry Van solutions
  • Payload capacity of 58,000 lb. per Dry Van


From east to west and north to south, North Express Freightline proficiently and cost viably moves your parcels. Cross-border road offers compelling time and value alternatives for moving shipments across North America, sparing you on the fuel overcharge and line-haul.
Explore the gigantic eco-friendliness of road transportation with North Express Freightline Transcontinental road Services.We are committed to offer you a tighter control over your supply chain management and avoid any unwanted instances, no matter how far your freight is supposed to be delivered. To facilitate the same, we offer the following featured services:

  • 53-ft. high cube Dry Van with regular service between Midwest U.S. and Western Canada
  • Dry and heated Van equipment
  • 20-ft. and 40-ft. ocean Dry Van solutions
  • Access to shared Dry Van pools outside north express freightline equipment pool

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