Corporate Social Responsibility

Clients these days are paying an expanding measure of regard for how organizations that they are associated with are performing their corporate social responsibility (CSR). Thus, organizations are progressively consolidating CSR into their everyday business.
At North Express Freightline, we are focused on the improvement of our societies, while making a continuous effort to include environmental friendliness into our everyday activities. We are consistent with our guiding principle and cultivate a feeling of offering back to our communities, and the inventiveness to drive a sustainable business.

Empower Our People

At North Express Freightline, we are committed to ensure the betterment of our society as well as the environment and it is depicted clearly in the way we carry out our operations.
We have set up a North Express Freightline Cares fundraising initiative to contribute to different causes in the community while also offering volunteering prospects for our drivers as well as staff. Also, we make conscious effort to ensure that our freight services are environment friendly.
Our team organizes two fundraisers each year, one being in spring and another in fall. These events help us in consolidating our efforts for the fundraising while helping us contribute to the specific charities that work for the betterment of the society.
Also, North Express Freightline drivers and employees actively contribute to the various community events, which include:

  • World’s Largest Truck Convoy
  • Challenge for Life
  • School Reading Programs
  • FMG Manitoba Dragon Boat Teams

Environmental Awareness

Being one of Canada’s biggest transportation organizations, North Express Freightline understands that we have a huge duty to our clients and society to offer environment friendly transportation solutions. We have contributed a lot of time and energy to turn into an industry chief with regards to decreasing the amount of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) we produce into the environment for each mile we travel.

Also, we actively associate with Natural Resource Canada’s Fleet Smart program, and the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Smart Way Transport Partnership. The two projects have objectives that are firmly lined up with our own.

Some of the steps taken by us include:

  • Effective Equipment Purchasing: We purchase only the advanced equipment that are loaded with multiple fuel saving devices.
  • Effective Policy: Our company has executed both speed limits and idle time expectations for all the drivers to improve our fuel efficiency.
  • Training and Education: We use state of the art recreation technology and computer-based training programs to ensure our drivers are aware and fuel efficient while they are on the road.

Our Shipment

Benefit from our comprehensive range of shipment and supply-chain management services to facilitate your business operations.

At North Express Freightline, we believe in providing the competitive advantage to our clients through each of our logistics solutions. As pioneers in our industry, we endeavour to be the best at what we do. This approach has helped us remain the most preferred logistics partner to so many business around Canada. Regardless of the scale of logistics and warehousing services our clients require to ensure the smooth operations of their business, we have solutions that fit everybody’s transportation needs.
Our ability and associations to ensure that you get the most cost-effective logistics solutions by road method help our clients stay ahead in the market. Also, our staff and drivers are well trained can be a beneficial resource to help you manage supply-chain successfully.

Insurance and freight

We have integrated technologically advanced tracking and security systems in our fleet of trucks to ensure the safety of your package.

North Express Freightline is committed to ensure that you do not only get freight services that are reliable and cost-effective but also secure. We have incorporated the latest GPS technology in our transportation fleet to provide our clients the ability of tracking their shipment while analysing its security system. No matter how many miles your shipment needs to cover within the borders of Canada or between the U.S. – Canada borders, we have reliable and proficient logistics solutions for all our needs.

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